Our Vision

Nuova Sima’s commitment begins with the precise awareness of contents that are both guiding criteria and objectives. Among these is the commitment to the environment, which achieves, in its processes and products, results that are not just immediately useful, but long-lasting: because the matters concerning the environmental respect are increasingly more relevant, often inevitable, so much so that the solutions taking it into account are destined to stability.

In addition to the environmental respect, Nuova Sima’s research and development activities are moving toward a methodological innovation that is based on the commitment to synergize with the customer, focusing on the responses required by the market with the hallmark of consulting and assistance that are fundamental activities of Nuova Sima.

These activities and services are organized in an agile, slim way, also under characteristics and resources typical of Nuova Sima’s corporate system.

Company quality, quality at market’s disposal.