As every business in step with the times, Nuova Sima knows that company’s strengths are both the material and immaterial resources of its activities. Nuova Sima is well-structured in both of these areas.

The raw material used in production comes from a quarry exclusively managed by the company, nearby the industrial site, as well as from selected sources based on an experience gained over the years.

This creates a positive relationship between the knowledge of the materials, the management of their flows, logistical organization, supply chain times, and consequently, it allows shortening the response times to customer orders.

Such factor of structural slenderness is a peculiarity that is also found in other aspects: the capacity for customer assistance in respect to technical needs and consulting, activities that Nuova Sima knows how to perform with prompt attention.

This also regards the technical assistance phase, in support of a customer presence in the market appropriately positioned in respect to the constant opportunity of improvement and efficiency, which Nuova Sima knows on a large scale, thanks to its presence in international markets. The will to synergize with the customer is also supported by the constant activity of research and development, potentially available for its technical needs.

The whole activities are organized according to standards which allowed to achieve the certification of the factory system’s conformity to the regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

In addition to results and quality, the customer can also count on the continuation of solutions for research on systems and products that respect the environment, ever more necessary in the industry.