Magnesium Carbonate

Nuova Sima product: Magfy – Magnesium Carbonate, MgCO3

Nuova Sima Magnesium Carbonate Magfy MgCO3 Crystal Lattice animation

Magnesium Carbonate, Magfy, MgCO3
Crystal Lattice animation

Magfy is the commercial name of Magnesium Carbonate produced by Nuova Sima since 1975, using exclusively, as raw material, high-purity magnesite.

Magfy can be used as a flame retardant filler for halogenated polymers such as PVC, chlorinated elastomers and CPE.

The use of Magnesium Carbonate as flame retardant filler provides the following advantages:

  • Increase of oxygen index (LOI)
  • Reduction of smoke density
  • Reduction of smoke acidity, thanks to the neutralizing action of Magnesium Carbonate and its primary decomposition product, Magnesium Oxide.

Magfy was developed, in close collaboration with important sector operators, in order to reduce or eliminate heavy metals in standard PVC formulations for cables, achieving excellent flame retardant properties and low smoke emission.

Magfy Product

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Thermogravimetric Analysis of Magfy - Nuova Sima

Thermogravimetric Analysis of Magfy – Nuova Sima