Post-Sale & Consultancy

Nuova Sima has been working in the industrial materials sector since 1965.
This means that it has consolidated an articulated knowledge and a rich experience, which in a field characterized and qualified by technological evolution, above all in a sector in which this is applied to industrial uses, is equivalent to being able to master a complexity of knowledge and practical cases.

Nuova Sima makes this mastery available to the customer, even in the after-sale phase, guaranteeing an assistance to which the slender, dynamic structure and also the young mentality that supports and renews history and experience gives concreteness and reactivity in view of every need.

Nuova Sima offers to his customers consulting about materials, processes, products; services supported by research activity, innovation, experimentation, that respond to requirements focused by the company, or developed by the customer.

In an agile organizational structure, the consulting is offered to be closer to the customers, even covering the phase of technical application assistance.