Quality Policy

The Nuova Sima Srl Management is committed to maintain and further its market position through:

  1. the knowledge of the expectations and needs of relevant customers and major stakeholders in order to ensure their widest satisfaction, with a view to continuous improvement;
  2. the risks / opportunities management related to our own business company background, ensuring that the policy and goals are compatible with the organization’s context and strategic directions;
  3. the knowledge of our marketplace’s development in order to anticipate its needs and bring innovation, ensuring the integration of the quality management system requirements into our business processes;
  4. the awareness that customers success is our success.


  • the spreading of the principle of continuous improvement by maintaining the quality management system efficient and effective;
  • the training and the safeguard of experiences of our employees as essential elements for our successes;
  • the researching and the developing of customer service activities as a point of reference for our customers;
  • the collaboration with our suppliers as partners of our success.